6 Qualities of Luxury Escorts

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Escorts are often categorised in different levels based on several factors, including beauty, physique, and personality. They can be ranged from common to high class to the luxury class. The luxury class models have unique qualities which makes them better than the rest of the escorts. They are exclusive to provide service to only the VIP clients who are willing to pay high prices for their company. If you hire a luxury escort, here are some of the qualities that you can expect from her.

Appealing body

The luxury escorts know how to be sexually appealing to their clients. They have an hourglass body enough to melt any man and the right poses to attract them. They keep themselves well-groomed physically and mentally to attract by their looks itself.

Eye-catching personality

They also have a unique, eye-catching personality which makes them stand out in a crowd. They have the charm and attitude of being desirable. Their way of communicating and body language lures men into getting sexually attracted to them.


The top class escorts also train themselves to be able to sit among rich and powerful people. They learn table manners, good behaviour, and a welcoming attitude towards other people to be the perfect partner to their clients. It is one of the reasons why rich people only prefer luxury escorts as they suit their ethics and manners.


The luxury escorts are intelligent and conscious enough to know and understand what they are doing. They are willing to offer escort services to stabilize their financial condition while they also try to build their career in a different field such as modelling or becoming an artist. They can also be helpful in providing good advice to the clients who are in trouble or feel depressed.


Another main reason that luxury escorts have more value is that they are mature and professional about their profession. They know how to handle a difficult situation without creating drama which can put her as well as the client in trouble. They give maximum priority to their client’s needs and satisfaction and also respect the feeling of them. They make sure that they do everything to provide a memorable experience to their clients in order to get visited by them again.

Healthy habits

The luxury escorts are very serious about their health and hygiene. They prefer protected sex with their clients to prevent any STDs and always make sure that the client does not have any infections that can spread sexually. They maintain a healthy diet as well as exercise daily to keep their body in shape. This helps them to stay attractive and be able to attract more men.

These traits can sometimes get difficult to follow, and many escorts degrade their values by not maintain one of these qualities. But those who follow such rules strictly always remain the best and most desirable escorts among rich and powerful clients.