6 Qualities of a Top-Class Escort

There are different classes of escorts based on how good they are in satisfying their clients. It is similar to getting promoted to being an exceptional service provider. The top class escorts have all the qualities of a companion that a man can ask for. They are not just beautiful and attractive, but also have several habits and behaviour to naturally be more desirable to men. Here are some of the qualities of the top escorts which make them different from others.

Rich Personality

Mere looks are not enough to become a top-class escort. Even the most beautiful models do not become the best escorts if they lack personality. A top escort has a very mature and desirable personality. Their lifestyle, dating manners, way of talking makes more men want them over other models.

Luxurious lifestyle

Top class escorts earn more money than the average people. They have a very high standard lifestyle and only live in the most luxurious ways. They travel inexpensive cars, have their own mansions, and also travel around the world in first-class flights. Not only are they rich physically, but it also in their nature to live like queens. Rich people often hire top escorts for business trips and other occasions as they can gel very well among classy people.

Charming attitude

One of the major attractions of top escorts is their loving and caring attitude. They can be the perfect partner one needs to stay happy. Their charm and behaviour when they treat their clients is what makes then a good fit for deserving such high standards. They are nothing less than celebrities for anyone to fall in love easily.

Healthy and hygienic

Top escorts are very careful about their health. They eat healthily and exercise to keep themselves healthy and in shape. They are also very careful while dealing with clients to check if they have anybody infections or STDs that can spread if they get close. They also do not allow anyone to have sex with them without using protection. It is one of the strict policies that keep them always healthy and hygienic.

Smart and intelligent

They are also smarter than one may think they would be. Most of the top escorts have plenty of time to spend time on their hobbies. They are good painters, musicians, and also intellectuals. They can even give their clients good advice on dealing with life problems. They are smart enough to make the right decisions for themselves.


Top escorts are also talented enough to keep one entertained. Most of them also focus on their modelling careers while they use escort service income for their financial stability. They can dance well and also know tricks to seduce any men. They have the talent of being a confident, sophisticated beauty which many lower-level escorts lack the experience for.