5 Biggest Misconceptions About Escorts

Escort services have been getting a lot of popularity among men in the past two decades, but it is still not accepted as a part of society. The main reason behind is that people cannot live with the fact that paying for sex is normal. It is considered unethical, and the escorts are considered a problem to society. Even after being one of the oldest professions, it is only filled with a lot of misconceptions as the escorts and the men who are using the services are always looked down for their choices. While there is no hope for such misconceptions to pass on any time soon, here is a list of them for you to know that they are not true.

Escorts and prostitutes are the same

Although the escorts and prostitutes may provide similar services, there is a major difference between both the professions. While prostitutes only provide sexual services, the escorts can do a lot more than that, including just a dating experience and a loving company. They do their work professionally and want their clients to be happy, unlike the prostitutes who only offer sex and no affection or interest on the clients.

Escorts are addicts and unhygienic

Another quality that gets compared between escorts and prostitutes is hygiene and drug addictions. Escorts rarely allow anyone to have sex with them without protection and also check their clients properly for any infections or diseases. They are highly hygienic and take care of themselves. They are more conscious about their health than most of the women who indulge in one night stands. They know that they cannot compromise on their health if they pursue any other career in their life.

Men who meet escorts are losers

On the contrary, men who meet escorts are actually very well accomplished and established in their life. They mostly meet escorts for saving their time to date a beautiful woman and have no strings attached. They like quick dates with nice models when they can pay for it. People cannot stand men who are finally getting over their past and start to mingle with women again in an easier way. The only difference is that rather paying for the date they pay the date.

Escorts do not have self-respect

Many also believe that escorts do not have any self-respect and would do anything that is being asked from them. In reality, escorts clearly mention the services they offer and no one can force them to do anything more. If they feel forced into something and get disrespected by their clients, they won’t stay a minute longer. Thinking that they will follow all your commands just because you paid is a big mistake.

Escorts will do anything for money

Pointing fingers at escorts for doing anything for money is simply ridiculous. People in other professions also do anything for money, including the people with the highest standards of jobs. The corruption is at the peak, and instead of pointing fingers at everyone, escorts become a target just because their profession is not considered a profession at all.